Bridgenet Communications will be performing system upgrades during the month of January for On Top of the World residents. We expect these upgrades to affect multiple streets at a time and to cause a service loss for 2-4 hours while they are completed. We have attached a schedule to allow you to anticipate this service loss. For additional information, please contact our technical support line at 352-873-4817, option #3.



1/17/2023 77th Ct and 78th Cir
1/17/2023 80th Pl Rd and 78th Terr Rd
1/18/2023 80th Terr and and 81st Lp
1/18/2023 81st Lp and 79th Ct
1/18/2023 83rd Pl and 79th Cir
1/19/2023 82nd Lp
1/19/2023 82nd Cir, 82nd Terr, 84th Pl Rd and 83rd Ct
1/19/2023 83rd Ct Rd, 83rd Cir and 82nd Ct Rd
1/23/2023 South side of 86th Cir, 88th Pl and 87th St
1/23/2023 84th Cir
1/24/2023 83rd Lp and 86th Ct Rd
1/24/2023 84th Lp
1/24/2023 86th Terr and North side of 86th Cir
1/25/2023 93rd Cir, 94th Ave, 95th Ct, East side of 86th St Rd and East side of 94th Cir
1/25/2023 86th Pl, West side of 94th Cir and West side of 86th St Rd
1/25/2023 91st Ct Rd
1/26/2023 South and NE sides of 95th Lp and 96th Ct
1/26/2023 N. Central and West sides of 95th Lp, 97th Ave and 98th Terr
1/26/2023 South and NW sides of 95th Lp, 99th Ct and 98th Ct
1/26/2023 97th Cir, 90th St and 92nd St 1/31/2023 - 82nd LP, 82nd Cir, 82nd Terr,84th Pl Rd, 83rd Ct Rd, 83rd Cir, 82nd Ct Rd, 86th Ct and 88th Lp