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Frequently Asked Questions

Because we care. With Bridgenet Communications, you can count on professional technical support. We love our jobs (and our customers) –and that makes all the difference!


How do I access my Broadhub account?

You can access your Broadhub account by following the instruction located here.

What is a Wireless Access Point (WAP)?

A WAP is a hardware device that permits a Wi-Fi device to connect to a wired network.

How do you change your wireless access point password?

Which internet package is right for me?

If most of your online activity is text-based (for example emailing or reading webpages), you can probably get away with a smaller plan. The more your online activity involves looking at “rich media” – such as streaming TV shows and movies – the larger an internet plan you’ll need. If you’re unsure about your usage, Bridgenet Communications can help you figure out which download speed will best support your habits with downloading music, movies and browsing.

Can I use any web browser I want?

Yes, any browser you choose to surf the web with will work.


What areas can I call for free?

Our telephone plans include unlimited local and regional calling throughout the United States and Canada.

Can I keep my current telephone number?

Yes, Bridgenet Communications can offer customers service while maintaining their current telephone numbers – no need to remember a new number.

What about International calls?

Bridgenet Communications offers low per-minute rates to over 250 countries and 55 international cities. City-specific pricing is available for even more savings.

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