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Frequently Asked Questions

Because we care. With Bridgenet Communications, you can count on professional technical support. We love our jobs (and our customers) –and that makes all the difference!


How do I access my Online Account?

You can access your Online Account by following the instruction located here.

What is a Wireless Access Point (WAP)?

A WAP is a hardware device that permits a Wi-Fi device to connect to a wired network.

How do you reset or reconfigure your wireless access point?

How do you change your wireless access point password?

Which internet package is right for me?

If most of your online activity is text-based (for example emailing or reading webpages), you can probably get away with a smaller plan. The more your online activity involves looking at “rich media” – such as streaming TV shows and movies – the larger an internet plan you’ll need. If you’re unsure about your usage, Bridgenet Communications can help you figure out which download speed will best support your habits with downloading music, movies and browsing.

Can I use any web browser I want?

Yes, any browser you choose to surf the web with will work.


What areas can I call for free?

Our telephone plans include unlimited local and regional calling throughout the United States and Canada.

Can I keep my current telephone number?

Yes, Bridgenet Communications can offer customers service while maintaining their current telephone numbers – no need to remember a new number.

What about International calls?

Bridgenet Communications offers low per-minute rates to over 250 countries and 55 international cities. City-specific pricing is available for even more savings.


Is there an automatic payment option?

Bridgenet is happy to offer the convenience of automatic payment. To keep our monthly rates low, beginning 09/01/20 there will be a flat rate processing fee associated with every credit card payment, including those on auto-pay.

What is the credit card processing fee amount?

For phone or in-person payments, the credit card processing fee is $3.00 per transaction. For payments made through your account dashboard, there is a $1.50 processing fee.

How can I avoid a processing fee?

To avoid a processing fee, you may sign up for ACH using a voided check. Please download and return this form to the store with a blank, voided check. Keep in mind, ACH payments will be applied to the billing cycle that follows after the forms are received.

What is a home run?

The home run line is a coaxial cable that runs from the house box on the exterior wall of the home, into the attic/crawlspace, and then drops down into the communication panel where it can be connected to our installed equipment.

How do I run a speed test?

Open your internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge, ETC.) and navigate to

Once the page loads click on the GO button in the center of the screen and the test will begin. The test will provide you with your ping, download, and upload speeds. 

It is important to note that because your internet connection is shared by all the devices in your home, such as cell phones, tablets, smart home devices, and so on – those additional devices on your network could be saturating your internet connection, which results in your speed slowing down. Other factors affecting your internet speed may be the method of your connection, and the hours and quantity of your usage.  To receive the most accurate speed test result, it is advised to test directly from the modem. To do so, connect an ethernet cable between your modem’s ethernet port and the same port on a laptop or other ethernet compatible device. Next, verify your device is not on your wireless network and run the service listed above. 

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